Sunday, November 21, 2010

Milky Matters

I am a person for whom milk was quite low in the list of favoured beverages..up to a point wherein I used to oppose the use of milk in the household. My argument was logically bound to the fact that cow's milk is for its calf. If we collect it all and consume it in such large scale, it will affect the health of the calf and the cow too. Also implied was an argument that it is not purely vegetarian. The personal embargo on milk and milk products lasted for 1+ years if my memory serves me well. Anyway, my family ( as usual ) didn't buy my arguments, and considered my stand as just a minor annoyance( what else could an 8 yr old be seen as?? ).

Later on, when I had enough experience on the way the world runs, I accepted the fact that there is not much for me to do about the calf and its family. The world runs strictly on Serve Yourself First policy. With that I too became one of the normal perpetrators out there, drinking 5-6 cups of milk in the form of tea everyday( in my prime days ).

Tea became Coffee, became tea again, in came Boost-Bournvita and what not, but none stayed. Even Horlicks had a short stint in my life. But never plain milk. Always flavoured.

But there was someone waiting in the sidelines, who didn't get enough attention due to some reason. The day I saw it in the right perspective, milk went completely out of the picture. That fellow is - Green Tea. It was instant love and we had great times. I even had its variations - Flavoured, Black, Earl Grey etc. I had written another article some time back about Tea. Anyway those days of tasting various flavours were fun.

After having read all this, what do you think is the purpose of this article? Significance of green tea or the lack of it in the case of milk? NO.

One fine day, while shopping in a mart with a friend, I noticed him buying normal leaf tea and milk powder. That made me think about trying out the tea I used to prepare at home in those days after that embargo. One other reason for that change in choice of ingredients was to try out the famed Milk Powder. Until that day, I hadn't tried any kind of milk other than Cow's natural one - in liquid form.

So started another experiment. I must tell you that after using Milk Powder, I really began appreciating the values and taste of milk - albeit the liquid one! Milk powder has to be stored without letting the ants swarming in, and after all the efforts, it may not taste anything like the original one! What a waste!?

Hence I resorted to using ordinary liquid milk for my tea and ALSO started drinking plain ( or sugared) milk! does taste good. Maybe its because all other beverages ( tea/coffee) in our canteen taste like you-know-what! Whatever might be reasons and history, finally I am drinking and eating stuff I used to abhor in the past. Just the magic of Survival Instincts!

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