Thursday, November 25, 2010

Middle of many things

Often while reading blogs of friends and acquaintances , I feel I can do more to improve the quality and readability of my own blog contents. I feel I can push for more creativity, exploration of new ways and things to write about.

But it often happens that I either forget or am just not enthusiastic enough to put much efforts into it. It is well because I am in the middle of many things w.r.t my professional life , juggling tasks and adjusting time.

Anyway, I shall be putting out bits and pieces here and there.. and that might just be reflection of the life I live. How better can a blog meant to show experiences be?

If you feel sympathetic to my condition, please keep visiting my site and promoting it. I would be happy to see an increase in my visitor count. Please note that there is not ad systems in place for my site, so I am not asking anyone to promote for my financial benefits, just for fun! :)


  1. I think your blog is really good... Each person's blog reflects his or her personality and you should be really proud of your work..
    Don't change your style of writing after reading others coz you are at your best when you do things the way you love it..
    Keep blogging..I enjoy reading your posts.. :)

  2. @Neenu thanks for the encouragement.
    I am not trying to change my style, I am just trying to explore it further. :)

    Its quite difficult though.. :D