Thursday, May 13, 2010

Four Years of Blogging

Today I completed four long years of blogging in this account.

My first post was on May 13th of 2006 during my S1-S2 study holidays.

Something which started out as a mere hobby, grew into something that talked about me, my passions, my views and the world as seen through the eyes of this small kid beginning to take the first few steps of life.

If you follow the contents of this blog as well as its sister blog ( Techworld ), you can the ups and downs in my life. Many things I had been frank and candid about, while many I had shrouded in mystery and enigmatic language.

It entertained many people , and bored many more and did both to majority of people. I even took the liberty to try out different flavours and combination. Some people still like to check out my blog, some loath to, while some are indifferent.
I am thankful to all three kinds of people, for they tell me what I want to know, sometimes without their knowledge.

Instead of recalling all past things and thanksgivings, let me just think what is in store for this hobby of mine, in coming days.

Certain upgradations/degradations, and changes might be required before I freeze up a design (sorry for the Vocational Vocabulary ).

For now, I will be using it as a platform to convey messages, ideas, stories and views to a set of readers ranging from friends and family to completely unknown strangers stumbling across it in the web of millions of such blogs.

Adios Amigos

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  1. Its always pleasant to read your blog...
    Keep going...All the best :-)