Thursday, February 25, 2010

God's Magic

Let me put it straight. What difference did yesterday double-ton make to Sachin or team India? It is just another number for the master, and just another win for the team. Lots of these have already been done, and records mean little to the master. He himself acknowledges the fact that in the end, one era's record becomes just a statistic in the next.

But really, when I asked the first question to myself, I was taken aback by my own callousness. How could I ask such a stupid question? "Doesn't the master's show impress me, captivate me, free me, enchant me, and excite me? Humph!"

That is what a single man can do to, not one, but millions of fans all over the world. Busy people in offices drop their meetings and tasks, and huddle near sources of the score. It is an unofficial break for all. I am sure it happens at all offices across India. The air of tension and excitement is evident at all homes, roads, office, public areas, buses, trains…wherever human beings exist. I don't need to tell anyone in India, what it means to have a match in which the master shows his 'Visvarupa'.

So, why all this frenzy? It’s understood that he plays a wonderful game, and fans naturally throng around him. But it is not just that. Sachin, is an icon, he is GOD (Atheists, you have an answer). To follow his game is like prayer, and the day he is in form, it is the pure bliss of watching/listening to the 'Work of God'.

One single man's actions cleansed maybe millions of souls and hearts yesterday. People forgot their enmities and celebrated his victory with joy. If Sachin prevails, why can't hope and love ? He certainly is the bearer of hope and courage for millions around the globe, and will remain so for a long time to come. He can single handedly make millions of Indians proud of their nationality and even existence. I salute you, oh master.

Fans look forward to him, the same way devotees look forward to their deities. Faith in God helps a devotee to overcome his hard times, and it is the same effect Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has on his millions of fans. To be able to witness 'God at Work' is what each fan wishes to achieve.

Will anyone of his class come along in near future? Nay, at least not in my lifetime. I believe that geniuses like him come by only once in a century. So just revel in the glory of the era of God. Watch him in action and gain salvation.

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  1. Nice post.
    But, it seems hard to believe that it came from the mouth of the same person who said SRT should retire to make way for youngsters as he is way past his prime couple of years ago ;)