Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Closer to the truth

Two careful placed explosions brought things down to standstill for me in these days...one i got over with shrapnel still left. One I am trying to..and confidently will today itself.
Explosions do not always cause harm alone, don't we use controlled explosions to open up mines to dig up precious stones..well this is something of that sort. The explosion's effect leaves, lessons remain to be learnt and wounds left to be healed.

All this brings me closer to the truth to my doubts and questions..and would probably give me fresh insight into stuff around me. Readers please don't be bothered too much.. this sort of stuff is in the best of interests for me and the people around me, thats assured.

Btw the last days at college are going on now. Project work is over and internals stuff also over..just waiting for the university exams ahead with little preparation proceeding. Nostalgia strikes me now and then like some kinda disease and it takes quite an effort to break off it...

As a matter of fact, now that many events and memories of these past 3 and half years have been appearing in my mind, I get a clearer picture of many things that I had missed or even ignored...gone are those days anyway...but I sure have lot to put ahead of me to cover ...to good effect hopefully..signing off..


  1. cryptic clues about something?
    are you in the CIA?
    2 explosions [:P]

  2. see... i AM ( c I A)

    cia is just a small grp of ppl i had trained in my kg..

  3. sadly the kg students are now out to catch u for causing illegal explosions.. :D well that didn't make sense to me too ... ;)

    seems everyone is gonna drown in the sea of nostalgia.. learn to swim, that will keep ya alive :D

  4. hm...there r few tricks tat i didn't teach em..so they won't try to interfere with my works...

    u didn't heard abt the explosions na? thats coz they covered it up..the nsa,nia,cbi,ib,raw..u name it .all r in it 2gether..