Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silence that needs to be broken now and then

Oh great wheels of time, this time I am NOT allowing you to cheat me out of my desires...for I am no longer the same person who stared while you snatched away my dreams,my love, my hope...and left me lifeless and hopeless...

You thought I would wither away with time,so did many fools..but I stuck on,found my own path...made mistakes and had wrong turns..but found many gems on the path..gr8 friends who filled me with hope and soothed my wounds..

Today I can stand up straight and challenge you...try as much as u can to break me..oh evil winds...but u shall fail miserably,coz i am strengthened by faith and hope in myself...

Its true that what I have gained so far is nothing compared to what lies ahead,but if i can do this much in such a short period of time..let me make it loud and clear for the deaf and blind world...
"You might never be able to understand my ways,but I will once create such a noise that would open your deaf ears and light so flashing that your blindness would be cured and the veils you have on your hearts will disappear by themselves.."

Fear not my friends, coz I am neither mad nor angry..and not senti too..and this is not related to any one incident or event in my life..but an overall outcry of my emotions...coz i have been through hell and heaven..alone as well as with gr8 friends...there are things that you don't have to talk about,but there are things that you need to...whether it makes any difference or not for does make for me :D

PS: didnt find any pic matching the mood..i am already out of hell..i am a new person...flowing new blood..with adventure in my heart

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