Friday, June 12, 2015

Sunny Nights

Today is 12th June 2015, and I am writing this from my apartment in Leppavaara, Espoo, part of Greater Helsinki at 10PM local time. The beautiful summer in Finland has a horrible face at night. This I realized now.

I haven't written in a while, and I have grown fatter and lazier. Downsides of 'settling down', one could easily point out, but nevertheless one of the many new challenges I have to find my way around.

While thinking makes life dull at times, and leading it by heart is easier, meditating upon one's conditions help make dramatic changes in life, this I firmly believe in. Writing is a way of doing the same.

Stuck is the word I prefer to use to describe my condition of being on this long business trip to a land which is by far in its most beautiful form. Beautiful is a word I can use only with a fair amount of sarcasm as the long and untimely separation from loved ones and the land, makes me cringe from within.

No man can exist as an island, said some wise fellow. I realized I had been resisting the same, and probably now feel the need to lay bridges and invite generous boats to ply regularly.

This strange condition though currently places me like a Pacific island, albeit like one with titanic waves crashing on all beaches scattering and scaring all patrons to the farthest distance.

Watching the sun that never sets up here North shine brightly off the window panes till midnight can do terrible things to the mind.  The recurring dull drum beats can be a formidable foe to fight against. The mid-day heat at midnight keeps the mind twirling in memories, ideas and strange thoughts.

Having had enough with the Finnish TV programmes, and nothing else to do, I must force myself to sleep by meditation to escape the cruel games of the sun god.

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