Wednesday, December 03, 2014

End of a year

Its with such pace that the year 2014 has passed, and I must say passed over me.

I feel like being hit by a truck when I think back. I have been overwhelmed and beaten hands-down in my games this year. Well.. at least a couple of rounds.

But what saddens me is the tiny Blog Archive dropdown in the right side of this post. I was proudly watching the every growing number of articles and sending those as feedback to myself. The number has unfortunately, very unfortunately slumped by more than 50%.

In place of the 57 I wrote in 2013, I wrote only 20 so far in 2014. A year of less writing seems like a year of distraction and unhappiness. Well, after all shouldn't I have reasons to write? If not, then things are not ok. But I am not so sure now. Anyway, that is matter for another day.

Another year with a slump is 2009 and rightly so. That too was a year of big changes, and exposure to new difficulties. I gripped back slowly and definitely 2013 was a marvellous year. But was it the flicker of the dying lamp? Sigh..

Well, the sadness definitely let me overcome my inertia and let the words fly through the tips of my fingers into the slimy office keyboard and weave some of those wordy fabric that I so often loved to do.


hope someone still keeps an eye open for my ramblings, because I am taking your invisible presence as my blessing and encouragement to train the narrator in me to walk again.

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