Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 as it passes

At new year's eve, most of the people do two things:-

a) Prepare a list of noteworthy events of the year
b) Prepare a list of resolutions for the new year

The former is largely observed with the media which would be obsessed with summarizing the year in a set of events, and get comments/articles from noted celebrities or politicians regarding the same.
All that blah is there every year and is not going to stop.

The latter is done by individuals trying to fix something up about themselves, like eg. stop smoking cigarettes, workout regularly etc. For most of the people, these goals never materialize, as they aren't serious enough at the first place.

Anyway here I intend to jot down some memories of the year that was 2011. As a whole it was a very special year indeed for me, and for some reasons for many of us too.

Lets see..

a) I changed jobs.
b) I travelled a lot. Some new and exotic locations.
c) I bought a bike.
d) India won the ICC World Cup
e) The end of American occupation of Iraq
f) Some of my friends flew away while some settled
g) Some really popular personalities in the field of art,music and technology passed away
h) Most importantly - New perspectives. New temperament. New strategies ;)

That is all that 2011 gave. It might sound less,but it is quite big indeed.

Have no resolutions for the new year, only some plans which have no relations to the year by themselves.

"Chala jaata hoon kisi ki dhun me..dhadakte dil ke taraane liye"

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