Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ramblings of a Slumbering Idiot

I wake up after a deep slumber, and sit up in my bed taking my time coming to senses. My laptop sits on the table, a glimmering blur in my eyes. I rub them to see clearly, and suddenly something bothers me.

I crawl over to the chair, and slump into it, simultaneously activating the laptop screen. A few tabs of browser are seen open. I find the one with the blue icon, and am relieved to see that number in the bracket says "1". I quickly check it out, and being nothing of much interest, I start scrolling down reading all the things people said, did, shared, liked, over the past many hours. And that too, people some of whom I know personally well enough, others being mostly acquaintances and a few complete strangers whom I connect via a mutual friend or two.

But, the nauseating thing about all this, is the nature and diversity of contents which can only be described as mundane, repetitive, randomly boring, exclusively surprising and quite unnatural. It brings a bad taste to the mind, having to thrive on such news about people to entertain oneself.

Every time I involuntarily scroll to the bottom of the feed, trying to find if anyone said anything 'interesting', I wish I would not be so addicted to this junk medium. Now, that I am mostly out of my sleep, another side of my brain has woken up which is advocating for this kind of 'socialization' which gives a multitude of information from diverse content sources, all connected through some 'real-life' connections (which are no longer being sustained).

But anyway, the debate will rage on, like those within the network itself which range from the trivial to the most important matters. Decisions are not close by. But yet, I decide its better to get freshened up and go for a walk , and meet a few pals outside rather than being inside here typing away.

Adios amigos. Life is calling, and it is very much real.

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