Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence Day Resolutions

Normally, we people take resolutions only for the New Year. But, I for once, feel like taking one/some for our Independence Day.(Frankly, to me the independence day matters more than a new year)

My resolution,which I would like to outline in a simple manner is as follows:

1) From today onwards, I shall take more care to ensure that the rights of my fellow human beings( of any nationality/caste/gender/region/religion/profession.. ) are known to them, and they feel more confident to exercise the same.

2) I shall spread more awareness among my peers on what are their constitutionally and legally provided rights and what are the socially and morally expected duties required of them,to rightfully claim the rights.

3) I shall press on more strongly and tactfully for my own rights and needs.

4) Last, but not the least, I shall keep aside a substantial amount of my time and thought to perform my expected duties to the society, the dear and near ones and mankind as a whole, and not to forget.. myself.

Shortly, what I am trying to achieve with these resolutions and steps is a scenario where each benefit of mine in this free country is well earned( at least to my conscience ) and compensated by the goodwill I can pump into the people and the society. This is more about moral freedom than moral correctness and strict regimen of rights and duties. "Good begets good", is the only motto I can stick to for this idea in my head.

A very noble thought, but not commendable unless I have some live results. Until those results are very tangible, all these words are worthless like a crumbling dry leaf. And likewise, until I have real results to talk about, these mean nothing more than words written on the flowing water of a waterfall.

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