Sunday, August 09, 2009

First salaried post..

Hi I had been thinking of writing a post for some time now..

I couldn't find one particular topic on which to write much...but now I am simply writing :)

Just made my first spending with my first salary...that too on household items...:P

Things look pretty ripe for a drastic change...but being unaware of exact magnitude or even type...I am pretty discrete about it.

Life generally looks good and fresh for challenge over here..lots of new things to explore and try..with respect to my career and personal life as well...
I might have changed a lot with respect to my attitude towards many things in life..but I am not a judge of that...time is supposed to carry out that job..

I have found many good friends, and great seniors who carry something in their hearts that burn through even the toughest piece of steel or concrete...and that is nothing but the passion to live life the way they want,the passion to surpass obstacles,and to find success in all walks of life. Even while achieving all these, the biggest achievement is that they haven't lost their humility even a bit.

I feel that I must tell this to all those people who feel they haven't gained anything so far, or are unlucky in life etc etc... when the going gets tough,the tough get going. But even then the passionate ones always have an option to carve a path that distinctly smells of the sense that it would be tailor made for such people, carved with their own sweat and sometimes even blood.
May the good God bless all believers and let lady luck guide the ones who believe in her...and maybe the stars and stones help those helpless fellows .. :P

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