Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Story of a technical accomplishment

Phew....finally that day came and it didn't bring much harm.I am talking about my Minor Project for our sixth semester.

I will not go into technical details of the project here,I may put them up on my tech blog.I am also trying to find a place to upload the already popular project somewhere on the internet.
OK...briefly speaking the project aims at using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone for controlling media players running on a computer.The software works on all JSR-82 complaint phones(that majority of phones in the market,but didn't work on most of Motorola handsets).Hehe..while typing this...what comes to my mind is the god-knows-what kinda content that we used to make for documentation..twisting and talking about almost the same point.Initially it was tough,then we got used to it.

As I said early,I would like to keep the technical details for the other blog.The documentation's non-tech part would be similar to this blog,if I take out the personal references.For guys who are gonna start minor projects or are worried how documentation is done,I would like to say only this...know your project,learn the codes and as far as possible involve yourself with all parts/modules of the project.This gives you a far insight into the product perspective(another docu terminology of SRS fame).
Well now I think I should briefly explain how things happened so far in our college and how we fared and finally how the results were met.
To begin with,I had great faith in our project,because unlike most of our classmates,this was an idea my friend(Abhay the puli..) had really wanted(because he needed something to control media players while lying down).I had asked him to concentrate on other ideas also for choosing abstract,but most of them were either involved hardware or needed too much research and time.Finally we stuck to this plan,as while searching for ideas on the net,we came upon an umpteen number of similar projects.
Abhay being a java puli and mobile(especially bluetooth) fanatic quickly found out whether the expected bluetooth implementation is possible,while I was unable to understand much of it.I had taken up the media control part,where my imagination alone is enough and also Abhay's guidance.
We were happy when the abstract was accepted.Afterwards,we hit a rock bottom(as did most groups).We collected and downloaded pages,pdfs and references to Bluetooth and its implementation.Abhay was active with it most of the time..though not much coding took place.

It was by the beginning the stupid documentation process that we got serious with our project.SRS creation was something which needed detailed information the project.Me and Abhay started using del.icio.us and collected materials discussed it online or when we met.Quite a solid ideas was laid at that time and all four of us knew what finally it would be like.
Initial coding involved taking codes from existing open source codes and understanding them(only Abhay could do it).Soon Abhay and Sooraj learnt J2ME needed for the GUI and prepared it very early.By the midterm evaluation,we had GUI completed and we had bits and pieces of client Bluetooth.The evaluation went well and all members progressed alongwith the project.
Then started our search for proper server and how to use the JDIC functions for media control.Then came placements,leaving the project as it is.On the day after TCS,when Mindtree placement was going on,Abhay called and said..."Da,project over.Will show tomorrow".I was so stunned.
Anyway after that we had several fixes and add ons from then on,I learned my part of the code and then started training and fixing strategy of approach.The dirty documentation was what I did to learn the project perfectly,even the previously unknown parts.I designed those UML diagrams,algorithms and all kinda dialogues and sporty lines that make our project look like the next urgent need of the generation.

Rest contd in next post...this has become quite big.

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