Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi all readers...long time since i had posted something in my blog.

I am informing those who are not aware of my current whereabouts. I have joined Larsen & Toubro Embedded Systems and Software(L&T EmSyS) as a Graduate Engineer Trainee at Mysore.
This is my third weekend at Mysore,and finally got a good cafe` in our locality. Lot of things I have seen,experienced and learnt in these fruitful days of my life.Not much would I be able to put in here...but maybe some of them might appear in later posts..

I will just put up a list of things I miss here..
1) My computer and LINUX
2) Internet!!!
3) My friends
4) My songs and videos collections
5) The monsoon of cochin

This list is not in the order of preference..just the way I wanted to type it out...

Here, its M$ Windows everywhere...but no one can deny Linux its credits,so it still shows its purpose in our technical labs.That is the time when I get to share my bag'o'tricks with the rest of the batch...chatting over 'write' instead of dozing off in the C++ class.. :D

And about the internet..I realize the approx dependency I have on it...not as high as I thought it to be..but not too low either... :P
I do miss my hacking and networking stuff here...its a whole new learning experience here though...

And about friends..nothing can be said about it is expected.and the missing will add sweetness to each reunion :D

I don't feel like blah blahing about the rest... :P guess I have grown lazy about typing ..

Waiting for many things to happen here... :D :D
Hope all my friends are doing well..and all readers too...thanks for taking the time to read through all these .. :D I hope to be back with good stories of my experiences and experiments with life...sayonara...

Thumba danyavada gallu...

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